Music & Memories TV is available to watch across four different platforms, so it’s never been easier to tune in!

Whether you’re watching on mainstream television, online via a desktop computer, or on the go with your phone or mobile device, here is our simple guide to help you tune in to your favourite shows.


Choose how you want to watch

Watch on your television

Freeview #271

If you have an internet-connected smart TV, simply open the Freeview app and head to channel 271 (Channelbox), where you’ll find Music & Memories TV.

Veusat (Ireland)

Viewers in Ireland can receive Music & Memories TV on the Veusat platform.  Veusat is one of the fastest-growing suppliers and installers of high quality free-to-air TV boxes.  With a Veusat TV box, you’ll receive over 200 channels covering entertainment, music, children’s content, movies, news, sport and lifestyle.  There’s also a selection of European channels including German, French, Italian and Polish.

Your first year’s subscription is included in the initial purchase of the Veusat TV box, and after that there’s no ongoing monthly subscription to pay.

Watch on your phone / tablet

Download the Channelbox app

You can watch Music & Memories TV on the go, wherever you are, with your smartphone or mobile device.  Simply go to your app store and download the ‘Channelbox’ app.  It’s free to download and free to use, and you can watch the live-stream of Music & Memories TV at any time, day or night.

Alternative set-top boxes

Connect a set-top box to your television

There are a range of high-quality standalone set-top boxes available to buy, many of which are capable of receiving the Music & Memories TV channel, either via the Channelbox or FreeviewPlay built-in apps.

Two examples are the Manhattan T1 and Manhattan T3 boxes, both of which are able to receive the channel and which are available to buy from high-street stores such as Argos.

Both of these boxes are easy to install yourself.  In the two videos below, Glenn Rogers takes you through the simple unpacking and installing process of both the Manhattan T1 and T3 models.

* Other brands of set-top boxes are available; the Manhattan T1 and T3 models are used here purely for example purposes.

Watch online

Watch the live feed

If you’re using a desktop computer, a laptop, or even a web browser on a mobile device or tablet, simply click the ‘watch live’ button to watch the live feed of Music & Memories TV.

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